Bluetooth®-enabled Smart Outdoor Lighting Control Platform

The Bluetooth-enabled Smart Outdoor Lighting Control Platform offers robust control capabilities through a range of devices, including microwave and passive infrared motion sensors; fixture controllers with single- and dual-channel control capabilities for light level and color tuning, and a photocell for daylight-responsive control.

All devices on the platform are engineered for reliable operation in rugged outdoor conditions and are qualified by Bluetooth for interoperability. The Bluetooth 5 protocol is suitable for long range networking and communication applications such as parking lots. The dual-channel controller can also provide color tuning to minimize perceived glare or provide bright white light for enhanced safety.

The Bluetooth connectivity creates a single platform for simultaneous and coordinated control of indoor and outdoor lighting, without requiring complicated interfaces with building automation systems or other legacy communication protocols.

The platform incorporates compatibility with the Zhaga standard socket, for simplified future upgrades in the field, faster installation and broader customer choice.

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PIR Sensor

Microwave Sensor

Wireless Fixture Controller

Single channel

Dual channel