McWong Highlights

Energy Savings & Code Compliance

With Automatically "OFF" function, sensors and related products help to meet stringent building codes such as CA Title 24, ASHERE, etc. Lighting energy savings of 50% or more can be achieved through intelligent use of PacWave™ Sensors (actual savings may be higher or lower depending on total system efficiency and application). Additional functions are achievable such as bi-level switching, manual overload, and daylight sensing.

NEW! Smart Sensor Control Platform

The control platform includes a range of occupancy and motion sensors, dimming power packs, fixture controllers, and mobile apps(Android and IOS) for remote configuration of sensor and dimming settings.

Engineered for compatibility with Bluetooth® standards, the platform provides exceptional versatility and future scalability.

Multi-Detection Methods Meet Different Applications

Passive Infrared (PIR): Senses occupancy by detecting the difference between the heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space. Best for use in areas with: an unobstructed view, high air flow, and/or ceiling mount.
Ultrasonic: Detects motion by bouncing ultrasonic waves off objects and detecting a frequency shift between the emitted and reflected waves. Best for use in areas with: low air flow, partitions and dividers, and/or a high level of minor motion.
Microwave: Detects motion by bouncing super high frequency electromagnetic waves off objects and calculating the frequency shift between the emitted and reflected waves. Best suited for "hidden sensing" applications where motion detection must be achieved from behind a fixture lens; microwave is unique among the various detection methods in its ability to motion through non-metallic dense materials.
Dual Tech: Incorporates both passive infrared and ultrasonic methods for complementary detection to maximize reliability and minimize "false ON". PacWave™ Dual Tech Sensors provide unmatched performance across a wide variety of challenging applications.


PacWave Sensors incorporate "Smart Switching" technology in order to maximize and balance lamp life, thereby reducing maintenance / labor costs associated with unbalanced premature lamp failures.


PacWave Sensors include optional photocells for enabling combined motion/daylight sensing allowing maximum energy savings, maximum ROI.