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McWong Highlights

In today's world, the gradual depletion of fossil fuels and the deterioration of our environment has become a great challenge. LED's are the "greenest" light source introduced to the industry to date, and as such offer unprecedented opportunities for mitigating the environmental impact of lighting. Not only are governments pushing for change, consumers understand more and in turn are demanding more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. LED lighting is revolutionizing the lighting industry.

McWong International, Inc. has invested tremendous manpower and resources in recent years to develop and perfect new products. Our R&D team of research and application engineers has successfully leveraged decades of combined experience in power supply design, manufacturing, lamp ballasting and LED light source technology to achieve breakthroughs in performance and reliability. Superior heat dissipation systems, best-in-class robust constant current/voltage high power factor circuit designs, and intelligently controlled wireless communication systems are among the innovations embodied in our high efficiency product line. At all levels, McWong's team is committed to leadership in a new generation of smart, reliable, integrated LED drivers, power supplies and robust lighting control systems.

  • Energy Efficient and Saving
  • Instant Start Up and Long Bulb Life
  • Environmental Friendly, Regulations Compliant
  • Smooth and Color Temperature Adjusted Dimming

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