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Pacific Ballast® Fluorescent: Reliable, Sustainable, and Efficient:

Under our flagship Pacific Ballast® trademark, McWong's extensive portfolio of fluorescent ballasts has serviced the lighting industry for over two decades. Pacific Ballast® are designed to meet or exceed all ANSI, UL and industry regulatory requirements while ensuring cost effectiveness. Manufactured under unwavering quality standards, Pacific Ballast® are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts:

Pacific brand electronic fluorescent ballasts are manufactured with the highest quality components and workmanship. Pacific has a comprehensive line of T5 and NEMA Premium designation T8 ballasts which are also CEE Qualified. Combined with our Energy Star® compliant ballasts we deliver an unparalleled sustainable solution for a green future.

Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts:

Pacific brand magnetic fluorescent ballasts are a time-proven robust workhorse suitable for operation under the toughest lighting environments. Pacific magnetic fluorescent ballasts are also suitable in applications where radio interference of electronic ballast becomes problematic.

Sign Ballasts:

Employing high grade silicon steel cores with uniformly tight coil windings, Pacific brand sign ballasts are designed to provide reliable operation under extreme conditions, including -20ºF starting. Six models form the core of the product line for operation of all common lamp quantity and length combinations. Quality designs with rugged construction make Pacific brand sign ballasts ideal for outdoor sign applications where cold starting and lumen maintenance are critical.

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