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Competitor Model NumberPacific Model NumberLamp Type 1Lamp Type 2Number of LampsInput VoltsLight OutputMinimum Start Temp (F)Line Current (Amps)Input Power (Watts)Maximum THDPower Factor
EP1/32IS/120-277 EB-132IS-U T8F32T8 & F32T8/U1 Normal00.26-0.123110High
EP2/32IS/120-277 EB-232IS-U T8F32T8 & F32T8/U2 Normal00.49-0.225910High
EP3/32IS/120-277 EB-332IS-U T8F32T8 & F32T8/U3 Normal00.71-0.318510High
EP4/32IS/120-277 EB-432IS-U T8F32T8 & F32T8/U4 Normal00.94-0.4111210High
E2/59IS-277 EB-259IS-U-HBF T8F96T8  Normal320.91/0.39 10High
E2/59IS-277 EB-259IS-U-LBF T8F96T8  Normal320.91/0.39 10High
E2/59IS-277 EB-259IS-U T8F96T8  Normal320.91/0.39 10High
E2/59IS-277 EB-259IS-U-ES T8F96T8  Normal320.91/0.39 10High
E3/32IS-120 EB-332IS-120 T8F32T8 & F32T8/U3120Normal0 8532High
E4/32IS-120 EB-432IS-120 T8F32T8 & F32T8/U4120Normal0 11232High
E2/59IS-120 EB-259IS-120 T9F32T8 & F32T8/U2120Normal   32High
E2/59IS-277 EB-259IS-277 T10F32T8 & F32T8/U2277Normal   32High
E1/32IS-277SC EB-132IS-277-SM T8F32T8 & F32T8/U1277Normal0 3232High