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LED Aux Components: Stepdown Transformers & Surge Protectors

One of the challenges with making high-performance LED drivers is finding a way to handle the wide range of inputs in the marketplace—e.g., 120V US residential, 277V US commercial, 347V Canada, 480V Industrial. Another challenge is how to protect the LED drivers from dangerous powerline transients.

Our solution to these challenges is to offer stepdown transformers and surge protection devices (SPDs) as separate auxiliary components. This enables us to reduce the total number of LED driver SKU’s required to cover most commercial and industrial applications while also ensuring cost-effectiveness.

McWong MTM Series stepdown transformers are currently available as core and coil units or with IP67 rated enclosure, from 30VA up to 300VA.

SPD Series 3-lead surge protectors are currently available in IP65 rated round case (standard) or square case, and protect against 10K and 10VA power surges (surge location rated category C3).

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Pacific Surge Protector Devices

Model Number



10KV Surge Protector Standard


10KV Surge Protector with Thermal Protection


10KV Surge Protector Standard in Square


10KV Surge Protector with Thermal Protection in Square